Location: Lancaster Recycling Drop-Off Center (850 New Holland Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601); The bin is located behind the drop-off center near the line of trees

Co-Op Status: Closed to new members until spring 2022

Note: You may attend an orientation at any site, regardless of where you plan to compost.


About This Site

The City of Lancaster’s Recycling Drop Off Center was conceptualized in 2007.  The goal was to develop a location that would offer recycling services  to residents and small businesses that may not have room at their locations for bins or carts.  The site has grown tremendously in the past three years with the shift to the “Big 4” at the curbside and today there are over 6,000 cars on a monthly basis recycling more than the “Big 4.”

The Bureau of Solid Waste & Recycling, Department of Public Works is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all residents. The goal is continually work to recycle more and generate less waste. Composting in the City is an excellent way to bring a community together while reducing waste into a beneficial use. 

About The Compost Captain

Mike has lived in the Lancaster area for the past 20 years. Currently the head of Solid Waste & Recycling Management for the City of Lancaster, he is enthusiastic about finding new ways to make the City more livable and connected as well as is knowledgeable about government policy and processes. You can always find Mike ready with an idea about what we should be doing with our trash and the real facts about compostable plates.