Location: Musser Park (135 N Lime St, Lancaster, PA 17602); The bin is located near the intersection of N. Shippen Street and E. Chestnut Street.

Co-Op Status: Full; Please check out a different site.

Note: You may attend an orientation at any site, regardless of where you plan to compost.

About This Site

Musser Park originally opened in 1949, a bequest to the City of Lancaster by Henry Musser, maker of umbrella handles. Located in the heart of the city within a beautiful historic area, the 3.1 acre park has been a pleasant and beloved green oasis for the residents of the city’s east side for years. It has been an inclusive hub of daily activities for all age groups, including a playground, picnic area, and the Lancaster Museum of Art. 

Having the bin in this location provides a visible symbol of social responsibility & conservation efforts. It is a point of curiosity for local residents, and passerbyers will stop by to learn more. We are proud to have the support of the Musser Park Civic Association, a volunteer-group that aims to improve and make the park accessible to all.

About The Compost Captain

For the past 30 years, Antonia has lived within a few blocks of the park. An entrepreneur, she recently sold her catering business and was looking for new ways to help the community and utilize her passion for gardening. You can find her fearlessly rummaging in the bin to pull out any oversized scraps and bringing snacks to monthly workdays.