Today, we have two co-op sites actively running in the City of Lancaster. Each site is run independently by a local community member (“co-captain”) in conjunction with the support of the community participants (“community members”) to foster the unique culture/needs of their surrounding neighborhood. Our goal is to expand across all corners of the city, bringing access to composting to all! 

Click each co-op to learn more about its history, members, and how to participate. 

Musser Park Co-Op

As one of two launch sites, this bin is nestled under a leafy tree within a historic park in the heart of the city. Musser Park has been a beloved green oasis for residents of the east side for years and is an inclusive hub of daily activities for all age groups. 

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New Holland Ave Co-Op


The second of two launch sites, this bin is located at the The City of Lancaster’s Recycling Drop Off Center. It fits perfectly with the mission to extend recycling services  to residents and small businesses that may not have room at their locations for bins or carts and reduce overall waste.

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Behind Culliton Park Co-Op

Launched in September 2021, this bin is located just behind Conlin Field, at the intersection of Conestoga, Union, and Filbert streets. Members of the co-op are able to access a gated lot with plenty of grass, trees and even picnic benches for members to gather, outside the old Rolstolsky building.

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We are currently in discussion about several new sites.  Look out for an update soon! If you are interested in setting up your own co-op, reach out at [email protected]!